What are the different types of motor oils for your car?

When buying a new or used automobile it is important to have your car scheduled maintenance on time which includes fluids checks, replacement of filters, and oil changes.  Maintaining a vehicle is similar to maintaining your body.

The more you maintain the chances for a lifespan will increase, not only that but it will assist your vehicle to run smoothly and you can enjoy the drive without any issues.

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What are the engine oil terms?

It is important to know about common terms used in engine oil, you can read the terms mentioned below and learn more about engine oil.

  • SAE – It stands for The Society of Automotive Engineers. The organization ensures to provide oil standards and make sure the industries are following standards.
  • 10W-30 – The number shows the temperature and thickness of engine oil. The number “10” means the oil is valued at 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The second number “30” shows the oil thickness. The higher number it is, the oil would be thicker.
  • Viscosity – It is the oil’s protection to flow. Viscosity alters the temperature of the oil. Oil gets thinner as it heats and gets thick when it is cold.
  • API donut – API stands for American Petroleum Institute. It is a stickered label on your automobile engine that tells you the requirement of oil for your vehicle. During car maintenance, it is necessary to go through API standards and get the best drive with your vehicle.

What are the four kinds of engine oil?

There are four basic kinds of engine oil, mentioned below.

1.  Conventional engine oil

Conventional engine oil is also known as regular oil which is used for engine protection and lubrication. Conventional engine oil is the kind that is produced from crude oil.

Conventional oil isn’t expensive to purchase and works well on old motors. If you keep your vehicle maintained and change the oil on time, you don’t need to buy expensive engine oils.

2.  High mileage engine oil

High mileage oil has additives and antioxidants that can assist with leak deduction. High mileage oil keeps aging seals and gaskets from becoming fragile and causing leaks as the result.

Those leaking oil stains can be seen on the road below where your vehicle is parked. These leakages can increase the consumption of oil and can cause damage to your car’s engine.

The high mileage oil is mostly used for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles driven.

3.  Synthetic engine oil

It is engine oil made up of artificial chemical compounds. This oil is processed by separating the chemicals and making it again by using those molecules you separated.

If you see on a microscope, millions of molecules of the almost same size are visible in a drop of synthetic oil. Synthetic engine oil can be used in extremely hot temperatures. Synthetic oil is also used in jet engines and high-performance vehicles.

If your vehicle supports synthetic engine oil you can have some advantages from synthetic oil.

  • Your vehicle engine will be clean and improvise lifespan.
  • As motor parts perform at high rates and are generally touching each other. In hot conditions, those motor parts can be damaged or broken. Your engine oil is the main thing giving a defensive component and full synthetic oil does not break down easily.
  • As the latest vehicles are built with more modest engines and turbochargers, synthetic oil goes through important parts faster. Regular oils won’t be useful for turbocharged conditions. It is recommended to use full synthetic oil so your turbocharged vehicle can perform in the best way possible.

4.  Synthetic blend engine oil

Synthetic blend oil is also called semi-synthetic oil utilized to lubricate and protect the engine components. It is a mixture of regular oil and some synthetic additives

It provides high quality performance from synthetic compounds and not much cost difference as compared to regular oil.

There are several advantages better than conventional oil your vehicle can get from synthetic blend engine oil. It is also good for those who don’t want to switch their vehicle to full synthetic oil. Read the advantages below and know why it is good for your vehicle.

  • Synthetic blend engine oil provides better safety as it has mineral oils, synthetic additives, and synthetic motor oils, this is the reason it assists to perform better and provides protection.
  • Synthetic blend oil is not that expensive and affordable as compared to fully synthetic oil. You can get synthetic blend oil every time you get your vehicle maintained at low prices.
  • Synthetic blend oil lasts longer and is best for heavy-duty use. Regular oil also known as conventional oil is consumed faster at high temperatures.
  • Normally regular oil can be used for about 4000-5000 miles and then you will have to change your vehicle’s engine oil. But when it comes to synthetic blend oil it consumes less and can get you to drive above 6000 miles.


The type of oil you utilize will generally affect your vehicle’s performance. Synthetic blend oil is a famous choice and also recommended for SUVs and light trucks, and it’s appropriate for ordinary use. It provides you with many advantages of fully synthetic oil on a budget of regular oil.

However, while getting your vehicle routine checkup to ensure to have your liquids checked and oil changed always.

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