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Discover Lead Generation SoftwareLead generation tools are not new in the ears of businessmen, but more and more are popping up, competing to be better in terms of efficiency and ease of usage.

Lead generation apps are basically tools that help the users find possible leads to turn into customers based on the status of their sites: whether we can create Facebook page for them, or develop an app or other services to increase value on their end and receive profit on our end. Most apps let its users to search and show detailed data of the search results and users can send templates of offers to these leads to turn them into paid-customers in the end.

So, what makes Discover different? Here we are to help you on understanding the pros and cons of a new emerging tool, Discover Lead Generation & Sales AutomationWe will be discussing what the software provides, why it has a leg over the competitors and finally the verdict for you to consider.

Discover Lead Generation Software

The guy is new in the market, developed under GoJeo family which previously developed Engage. Basically, it has most of what other lead generation app provides:

  1. It shows the specific data, such as keywords, status, related social media links and ranking of sites in easy to read layout.
  2. Data are scrapped from various sources such Google and Facebook.

But then, the next step after this is what gives an upper hand in the competition. The tool has various fancy features that you can use to even further the leads and create paid-customers in the long run.

One of yet the best feature here is you can create a new project and create your own custom rules for that specific project. For example, you want to set a rule of crawling through Facebook every 30 days, and add those results to a specific project under a particular pipeline based on a specific criteria you’ve chosen. The system is automated and is able to create auto responses to specific pipelines.For example, under the projects tab we have a pipeline tab under it that shows list of leads to customers. You have the ability to add another pipeline according to your needs. Besides it, under the activity feeds, you can see what happens when you are not around to check it.

So, for example, you create a project under the name Walt, and then create an auto search schedule of every 30 days under a specific criteria, you will be able to see the list of search results listed and the added leads in your desired pipeline. Afterwards, you can design an auto response to these leads and tick on that verify email checkbox if you want to only store legit emails.

You can also search for a specific keyword within Google of Facebook, limit the number of results and decide if you want emails included or not, and then you can run a detailed analysis on these sites, from how many times they have been indexed, the keywords that best rank this sites and so on. Then you decide on where do you want to put them in your projects. Once they’re categorized, the system automatically does its magic from then on.

Discover Lead Generation Review

So, on to the review. How good is this app? Discover is probably a new entry and has a lot to improve, but the app itself starts with a strength to compete with other lead generation apps. Its automated system and easy to understand navigation around the app makes it feasible early stage.

The automated system specifically saves the time of configuring separate search results where you can include them into pipelines with auto-response at work and only send to verified email addresses, which lives up to its name, Discover Lead Generation & Sales Automation.

The search system, I’d like to point out, shows many sides of your search results, every thing that helps you see the opportunities you can create for those sites, such as pages, opportunities, apps or anything that your business offers. Once you find these results or when the auto search system find results to include in your pipelines, it begin sending offers to these possible customers. This is so convenient and time saving.

On the other hand, being a new app, it surely requires additional updates and maintenance.

Discover Lead Generation Bonus

More onto the positive sides of this app, Discover biggest advantage is knowing that all the leads and emails keep rolling in the background saving you hours you’d spent every week otherwise. Starting from the Growth package, you will be able to find your business and opportunities throttling forward and focus more on doing what you’re paid for.

An upgrade of membership will bring you to opening unlimited projects and using unlimited operators. Both Growth and Pro package provide auto-responder integration with AWeber, Sendlane and SendGrid. For a big business, what you pay is so much worth the time you can spend on improving your project quality and focusing on other aspects of life.

Should You Buy Discover Lead Generation Software?

Quoting from its side, the purpose of Discover Lead Generation & Sales Automation is to do all the �grunt work’, indicating that you will have more time to spend with working on projects, instead of finding leads and sending offering emails. However, the automation system is only available when you subscribe for Growth or Pro packages. Subscribing to these packages also give you the ability to create multiple projects at once.

So, the app is only useful when you have a big team that is able to work on multiple projects at once. A small team will find either the basic or startup package at $25/month as useless or the upgraded version, Growth at $50/month and Pro at $100/month as too costly.

More specifications on pricings:


Plans Pricings Features
Startup $25/month


·  1 operator

·  1 project

·  No automated response system

Growth $50/month


·  3 operators

·  Unlimited projects

·  Automated system integrated with AWeber, Sendlane and SendGrid

Pro $100/month


·  Unlimited operators

·  Unlimited projects

·  Automated system integrated with AWeber, Sendlane and SendGrid


This is also a downside where the app markets their ability to automatically send follow up emails and to search results and including them into pipelines, but having the feature unavailable at the basic/startup package.

Overall, the app is incredibly convenient and creative, solving the problems of many other teams when faced with hours of tedious works searching for leads and sending follow up emails. Its automated response system is top notch and integrates well within the app. The search system is well developed and meticulous, yet easily understood and shows you opportunities you can offer to these potential customers.

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