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I have never been a fan of cooking. It’s not like I never cooked food for anybody, in fact I am a really good chef. But I have always cooked out of core responsibility, not because I like it. Ever since, I have started working, I had always thought of cooking as an extra burden on my shoulders, a burden that I never want to take. I also hired one home chef as a paid job for our home but it did not really work out well for the family.

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One of the reasons could be because I really did not enjoy the ate and we all family members are fond of eating delicious food and fine-dine restaurant like recipes every day. also, we cannot compromise on the quality and hygiene when it comes to food. Therefore, I had to take some harsh decisions and ask her to quit the job. But then again, I was left with the same issue of cooking every day.

The major problem of cooking is not actually bearing the heat or giving up seat, but the major problem is to think what to cook every day. Sometimes, you just get so blank that even asking the other family members would not early help and then everyone in the family would order from outside.

If your family is ordering food from outside once a month or twice a month, then its bearable but ordering food every day really is a concern for me being a wife and a mother. I had to cut this habit of everyone by cooking food that they actually like and find taste like their favorite restaurants.

Since dinnerly has become a part of our life, I don’t have to be into the hustle of asking everyone what would they like to have for dinner, I have just downloaded the dinnerly app into their phones as ask what would they want to have. The dinnerly quick delivery service gives the order at my doorstep and I don’t have to get myself hooked up into going for grocery or then coming back home sorting out the whole mess. This just does not require my energy but my time as well, the time I can spend into some really productive thing since I am a working woman and a mother of two beautiful children.

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